Rockford Register

5 November, 1880
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"The Nuptial Noose

The Union of Elbridge A. Burbank and Miss Blanche Wheeler last Evening

Another matrimonial event has happened and another of Rockfords fair ones has been taken to an Eastern home. Last night at the residence of the brides father on East State Street, Mr. Elbridge A. Burbank of Auburn, N.Y., late of Rockford, took Miss Blanche Wheeler for Wheeler woe. About fifty guests were present and they consisted only of relatives of the pair and a few intimate friends. The parlors were adorned with various bright products of the conservatory, the handsomest piece being a wedding bell of arbor vine and maple blossoms, and under which the couple were stationed while the knot was tied, about ten oclock. Rev. W. A. Spencer performed the ceremony which was simple but impressive. The bride was as pretty as a picture, dressed in a beautiful cream colored silk with brocaded silk trimmings and fringe, with sprays of orange blossoms. The groom appeared in the conventional suit of black and received his charming prize with conscious pride.

The newly united ones took the night train for the East. They will make their future home at Auburn, N.Y., where the groom is engaged in his profession of artist. "

[Note: Text removed includes long list of gifts to the couple - will be added at a later date]
[Note: Rev. Spenser was pastor of the Centennial Church]