1883 Auburn, NY City Directory: "Burbank Elbridge A., (Burbank & Thorne,) h 175 Genesee
Burbank & Thorne, (E. A. Burbank and W Thorne,) portraits, studio 21 Seward Block"

1883/08/03 Harvard Independent: "E. A. Burbank and his wife, who had been residing at Auburn, NY, for two years past, arrived in Harvard
July 30 for a visit of two weeks with relatives before leaving for St. Paul, Minn., where Mr. Burbank was to open a studio."

4 August 1910, Some Ancient History

1883/09/28 Harvard Independent: "Mr. and Mrs. Elbridge Burbank of St. Paul, Minn., visited Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Burbank, Sept 23d",
29 Sept 1910, Some Ancient History