Copyright permission has been received from the following institutions and individuals:

Octavia Fellin Public Library
Denver Art Museum

In advance of this email I hope you have received the two web-resolution Burbank images for the Harvard-Diggins timeline as requested. Please let me know if you did not receive them. I have attached to my email the credit lines for our image use...

Westerners International
You have permission to use any articles of interest that you find in our publication.

You may show the images/crop the articles from these three newspapers from on as long as you mention for each newspaper "Image used with permission from":

1899-02-18 Reno Evening Gazette
1906-03-21 Nevada State Journal
1945-01-07 Oakland Tribune

The Nation Digital Archive

We've reviewed your use of this example on your site and authorize you to use it.

Director of Sales
The Nation Digital Archive

Dog World

Yes, this is the same Dog World magazine ... we're celebrating our 90th anniversary this year! And yes, we are happy to extend permission to post the 1937 cover, designed by E.A. Burbank, indicated on your email.

Associate Editor
Dog World

Historical Works

You may use the pages. If you need assistance extracting them we can send you the pages with all "protections" removed.

Phoenix Art Museum

The permission is for web use only on the Harvard-Diggins website, for three years (renewable). There is no charge for this permission.

Associate Registrar
Phoenix Art Museum

Caxton Press
(for Burbank Among the Indians)

Our response is YES. You have the permission you request. The terms as granted to the Harvard-Diggins Library may be extended to the web version that you note below. Good luck.
Caxton Press

Museum of the America West,
Autry National Center

(for photographs of Burbank)
I am happy to grant you permission to use our images for your web site on Burbank.
The Art Institute of Chicago

Thank you for the information. The jpegs will be sent out to you the first of the month... and (9/23/2004 for Burbank Among the Indians) Thank you for noting the change in format, I will state this change in your contract and no additional action is needed.

Denver Public Library
Digital Project

You're welcome to link to the image in question.
Harvard Herald

Best of luck with the project.
We grant you permission to reprint our stories.
All we ask is that you note our permission with the reprinting.

Rockford Register Star

The Rockford Register Star grants you permission to use the stories you mentioned in your e-mail, and others you may find.

We caution you against changing any text of stories, even they they are incorrect. Rather, put a qualifying statement somewhere adjacent to the story or display which corrects the inaccurate information. This will preserve the history intact, as well as correct the record.

The words of attribution that we ask are: Copyright Rockford Register Star 2004. Used with permission.

Smithsonian American Art Museum

We have no objection to allowing the photographed works by Burbank in our collection to be included in the section of your library's website dedicated to Burbank. We do require that you include a link to our museum's website in the context of our artwork.

Rights and Reproductions
Smithsonian American Art Museum

Private collector

I have a number works by Burbank. I had a few more but they have sold. There is one you may be interested in posting on your web site. It is a violin and sheet music on a 5/8" wooden panel measuring 26" high x 15" wide. It is signed lower right - E. A. Burbank - 1910. I have included an image but it's not the best quality. I can take a better one if you would like. I also have six small Indian dwelling paintings he did in the 40's. If you have interest in those I can send images to you.

Illinois Historical Art Project
Yes. Just credit it to Illinois Historical Art Project.
Private collector

I have checked out your website and have 5 Burbank images if you are interested.
conte crayon:
Sah-Ah-Lock-O, Hopi, 1900
Wickey, Hopi, 1898
E. W. Currier, 1916. The inscription on the back says:
"My friend, E. W. Currier, 1916"
I believe Mr. Currier was in California at that time.

oil on canvas, approx. 28" by 58", 1938
Geron, MO. Oxen team pulling plow in field.
A painting after Russell (1912) called "Jerk Line".
Both paintings signed and dated in tower right.

Thanks for a great web site.

Luther Burbank Home & Gardens
Please reference LBH&G and our Website. Obviously use rights are restricted.
The Newberry Library

The Newberry Library grants the Harvard Community Education permission to reproduce its photography (listed in your message of 12/17/03) as part of a web-based timeline of E. A. Burbank's life and works to be hosted on either the Harvard-Diggins Library website ( ...

The permission is for web rights only, 100dpi or less for 3 years (renewable). There is no charge for this permission. We do request that you provide a link to our web site.

Please credit as follows: Courtesy The Newberry Library, Chicago.

Hubbell Trading Post National
Historic Site


Yes, you may post the images on the web. Please label each image with the appropriate catalog number, (HUTR ####) so that references may be made quickly and easily to the information and to request additional information from us. Please have the credit line read, "Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site, U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service".

Let us know when and where the images are posted.

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