E. A. Burbank Timeline Image - 1910 Census

Elbridge (51) and Nettie (23), married one year, listed with Lorenzo Hubbell

US Census
Hubbell Trading Post, Navajo Indian Reservation, Apache County, AZ.

1910/10/13 Harvard Independent: "Proud of Picture
Additional evidence of the inherent genius of E. A. Burbank, famous painter and portrayer of Indian types, has been secured by Dr. C. M. Johnson of this city. From and old-time photograph, taken in 1860 by Seth Warren, Mr. Burbank has made an oil painting which hangs in the doctor's office at the new Cottage Hospital, and towards which the doctor looks and points with pardonable pride and satisfaction. The picture shows Dr. Johnson, Sr., in his old two-wheeled sulky, and his son, Colonel, (the present doctor), holding the horse. The old homestead, with quaint picket fence and outer walks of two planks, add an antique setting to the scene. The marvelous likeness of the old Dr. Johnson, whose practice and prestige in pioneer days were country wide, has been wonderfully delineated by the artist, and the picture is entirely worthy of the praise it is receiving."

1910/09/29 Harvard Herald, Personal Mention: E. A. Burbank and ... enjoyed an automobile trip ... attending the count fair ...
Northwest Herald, used with permission